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The Health Value Alliance

Making Outcomes and Value-Based Oncology a reality.

HVA is a specialist research and analytics company. We work with collaborators across the world to establish a standardised method for assessing, monitoring and improving health quality and patient-centric outcomes. We drive value through real-world insights.

Our Vision

To live in a world of universal access to transparent, evidence-based and sustainably affordable cancer health care.

Our Mission

Our mission is to put high-quality, evidence-based insights and actionable transformation plans at the fingertips of decision makers, enabling the delivery of optimal and sustainably affordable cancer care, globally.

Our Goal

Through our core values of being wholly patient-centric, data-driven and evidence-based, our goal is to ensure more individuals across the world can access the most optimal and affordable cancer care for them.

Who we are

HVA was formed out of the frustration created by over two decades of working in disjointed global healthcare systems, where the lack of quality, outcomes and value transparency has resulted in endemic waste and declining affordability. 

Our team is formed of world-class specialists in healthcare, AI-driven analytics, medicine, insurance and business systems, with a demonstrable history of reshaping healthcare services and funding models, saving healthcare purchasers millions.

Through our experience, we have developed a unique solution for defining and showcasing optimal healthcare, informing hospitals on how to deliver this, and guiding healthcare purchasers on how to best select and purchase the right products and care for their customers.

Together with our collaborators and customers, we are developing a unique solution to the global problem of addressing waste and outcomes variation in cancer care.

Our services

Outcomes Transformation 

Value Transformation

Cancer Performance Index

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The Problem

"Globally, healthcare is facing a funding crisis, with current payment models rapidly becoming unaffordable and systems precariously set to fail."


World Health Organisation (2019)

100% Global cancer diagnoses will double by 2030.

(582 million – 1.168 billion)1

60% predicted increase in cancer incidence.  

18.1million (2018) – 29.4 million cases per year by 2040.2

WHO reports that 40% of health spending is wasted through inefficiency.3

1 in 10 Patients in OECD countries is unnecessarily harmed at the point of care.4

According to the OECD, one-fifth (20%) of healthcare expenditure either does not improve people’s health or could worsen their outcomes.5

>10% of hospital expenditure goes to correcting preventable medical mistakes.6