The Health Value Alliance

Making Outcome and Value-Based Oncology a Reality

Through a coordinated global cancer care quality approach - aligning clinical, patient self-reported, operational and cost performance measures – a true understanding of the drivers of quality and value in cancer care is possible, meaning multi-dimensional value-based oncology can become a reality.
"Globally, healthcare is facing a funding crisis, with current payment models rapidly becoming unaffordable and systems precariously set to fail."


World Health Organisation (2019)

The Health Value Alliance is a specialist transformational consultancy working with partners to design and achieve optimal outcomes when delivering or commissioning patient-centric cancer care.

Our mission is to put high-quality, evidence-based data, and actionable transformation plans at the fingertips of decision makers, enabling the delivery of optimal and sustainably affordable cancer care, globally.

Through our core values of being wholly patient-centric, data-driven, evidence-based and transformational, we aim to significantly bend the healthcare cost: benefit curve through full transparency of quality and outcomes across the cancer care continuum.

Outcomes Transformation Consultancy

Using advanced artificial intelligence methods, we design practical and sustainable outcomes strategies that are wholly patient-centric, data-driven, evidence-based and transformational.

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Value Transformation Consultancy

Using advanced interrogation methods, we analyse high quality literature and real-world data to determine the optimal dataset for defining and measuring "quality" and "value" across the cancer care ecosystem.

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Cancer Performance Index

Our global Cancer Performance Index is a dynamic cancer care performance insights generator designed to identify the root causes of poor outcomes and value to enable outcomes and value-based healthcare to become a reality.

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