Outcomes Transformation Consultancy

Information-guided cancer care transformation

Our consultancy services are focused on designing practical strategies that are wholly patient-centric, data-driven, evidence-based and transformational.

With over twenty years’ experience in clinical service delivery, research, health insurance and transformation strategy, we provide you with evidence-based multidimensional perspectives, backed by AI-driven data analytics, to solve complex industry problems.

AI-driven outcomes

Using our AI-supported dynamic cancer care performance insights generator, we focus specifically on improving outcomes in areas such as:

  • Outcomes measure design and benchmarking
  • Cancer policy design
  • Transformation programme design and real-world implementation
  • Cost: benefit analysis for value-based healthcare

Actionable plans

Using advanced AI, Natural Language Processing and machine learning we employ a virtuous cycle of evidence exploration, data definition, data exploration, algorithm design and output validation.

Observe > Learn > Optimise > Repeat.

Using this strategy, we provide a multi-dimensional approach to understanding how an optimal outcome achieved by one stakeholder in the cancer care ecosystem impacts others. This is a vital tool in identifying and addressing the root causes of outcomes erosion and achieving an equitable and sustainable cancer care ecosystem.